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LINK is a Rotterdam based association for young professionals working in the transport and maritime business. Since being founded in 1989, LINK has created an informal network platform, which is well known in the Rotterdam port community.

At the moment LINK has around 90  company and personal members who meet each other at monthly get-togethers and other events organised by LINK, such as the yearly sailing trip, excursions to transport and maritime related companies, a fundraising evening and New Years drink.

Why should you join LINK:

  • to expand your professional network
  • to learn about the latest ins and outs in transport and shipping
  • to share your knowledge and experience
  • to attend lectures and excursions
  • to meet new friends

Contribution/membership fees for 2016 are EUR 425.00 for company members and EUR 85.00 for personal/private members. A company membership enables the member to have five employees attending each LINK event.

Please visit our website for more information. Although in Dutch, you will find the logos of LINK's company members, information about the board, the latest news, agenda, pictures of LINK events, a subscription form and contact details.

Interested in LINK? Please feel free to come along to one of our monthly get-togethers, without any obligations to experience and see what LINK can offer you!